About Darren Craig

About Darren Craig

Darren Craig is passionate about educating business owners how to use digital marketing to grow their businesses.  From an initial chat, he’ll be asking you about your business and your goals before discussing solutions.  The main element Darren loves is helping you to answer those questions you never knew you needed to ask, to ensure you get the best solution to meet your needs.

Darren owns Fully Charged Media, a digital marketing growth agency and loves investing time in training his team to ensure they are aware of the latest digital techniques.

Darren’s background stems from over 20 years working as a developer, technical lead, project manager and business analyst, working on and leading development projects for corporates such as Deutsche Bank, Bank of America, Royal Bank of Scotland, Tesco Bank and media companies like BSkyB.

Corssing into digital marketing from a tech background really gives him the edge as a full stack marketer, as well as having the business knowledge required to succeed.

Darren hails from Aberdeen, Scotland and loves to travel, eventually settling in Queenstown, in the South Island of New Zealand.

Continuous investment in education is essential and Darren is a proud Digital Marketer Certified Partner, a Google Partner and is mentored by one of the world’s leading Google AdWords author, agency owner and speaker.  Darren is part of a large agency network, and is an active member in Analytics groups and other digital marketing groups.

Darren loves networking with leaders in the field and has travelled to Thailand, the USA and Australia for conferences and training bootcamps.

When he isn’t helping customers through their digital marketing journey, Darren loves playing social ice hockey, skiing, and pretends he’s a paraglider, even though he hasn’t flown for a couple of years.

Darren really enjoys travel and has visited over 60 countries including central Asia, Afghanistan, South East Asia and many more….sometime the more off the beaten track it is, the more enjoyable.

Interesting facts…he’s volunteered for three months in Borneo as an expedition photographer for Raleigh International, a youth development charity, and has travelled to Afghanistan on commission for CNN Traveller magazine.

Although that all sounds cool and adventurous, you’re as likely to find him up fresh tracks skiing before work….or sitting on the beanbag having a beer in the garden in summer!

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