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There’s and awful lot of people who ‘talk the talk’ in digital marketing, yet there’s not many who implement it that well.

People ‘do AdWords’, people ‘do Social’ and people ‘do SEO’ but how many of them have a great grasp of how everything affects the overall online presence, and how to use these platforms together for the optimum effect?  Not many.

Your online presence is much more than your website, so don’t be fooled by your web company just giving you a pretty looking website.  Will it really work and do what you expect it to?  That chances are that it may not, because they may not hav asked you enough about your business.

I started Fully Charged Media to correct the cynicism, scepticism and everything else that’s associated with digital marketing.  To meet these needs I implement great reporting against your competitors, and track your return on investment so you know what works and how.

I’ll also spend quite a bit of time asking about your business, not just telling you about mine.

After all, if your digital marketing doesn’t meet your business goals, what’s the point?

Fully Charged Media – Digital Marketing in Queenstown, New Zealand

TEDx Queenstown


I had my first intro to TEDx Queenstown during 2013 when I volunteered on the day of the event.  It was a great thing to see happen in our community, and the first TEDx event to happen in Queenstown.

Before I knew it, the following year came around and I was on the organising committee for the ‘Sense Of Place’ themed TEDx Queenstown 2014.  It was a blast yet a whole heap of fun work to make the event happen.  We had some great well known, and not so well know speakers, the venue moved to a larger one and it really set the scene for bigger and better things to come.

For TEDx Queenstown 2014 my main focus was on digital marketing, ensuring the blog and social channels were kept up to date and we ran our first Facebook competition to raise awareness of the event.

Unfortunately I had to pull out of TEDx 2015 to focus on my own business but the event will continue to grow in Queenstown with great local support, and a great team behind it.

To find out more head over to TEDx Queenstown.

Startup Weekend Queenstown

I was one of three co-organisers that took Startup Weekend to Queenstown in New Zealand for the first time ever.

If you aren’t familiar with Startup Weekends they bring together creative, business and technology minds for 54 hours to form a viable business from initial idea pitch through various pivots in ideas through to a final ‘investor’ pitch on the Sunday evening.

In Queenstown the first event took place in October 2014 and was a huge success.  We had such a wide range of participants from high school students through to established motivation speakers so it was a blast to see the variety of ideas being worked on throughout the weekend.

Startup Weekend is part of a global non-profit organisation, organising and supporting events throughout the world with tens of thousands of people taking part.